Video-Wall Maxischermo

For a hotel complex in Verona, Metalsan was called to produce an equipped wall, called a Video-Wall, used to hold nine 55-inch televisions which formed part of a video system for screening the 2018 World Cup.

The structure holds and protects not only the video system, but also the audio and lighting system, so as to make the structure a multipurpose one which can be used all year round.

The raised stage protects the underlying electrical system, which can be accessed through trap doors and removable panels. The slope of the site meant it was necessary to use adjustable feet on the structure, which in addition to solving the problem concerning movement also created an interesting suspended effect.

We chose slats in treated larch wood for the flooring of the stage, which in addition to creating a pleasant contrast against the structure’s anthracite grey colour are also durable over time even when subjected to difficult weather conditions.

In a limited time frame and working between two peak periods for the hotel, we managed not only to complete the work, but also to carry it out without causing any disruption to the many tourists due to arrive. The whole operation ended in perfect sync with the plant engineers, making the video wall immediately available for the season.

The client’s satisfaction in the work carried out was such as to allow our company’s logo to be inserted onto the structure, thus establishing the start of a new collaboration.


In us you will find a reliable, certified company able to offer a complete service, from design to installation.

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