The combination of the many years of experience gained in the sector and our employees' expertise guarantee integrated design solutions focused on efficiency, quality and reductions in cost.

The advice our company gives to designers optimizes workflow and compliance with European regulations.


By taking over the supply chain at the start, Metalsan guarantees a distinctive competitive advantage in the complete supply of ad-hoc produced structural elements. The established working relationships between our company and local suppliers enables the marketing of a wide range of commercial sheet metal and profiles with advantages in costs due to economies of scale.


Metalsan works with more than 8000 tons of carbon steel per year, with a steady growth trend.

We are equipped for cutting, drilling and assembling structural components in steel. In addition to its own production centres, Metalsan works with smaller, qualified suppliers in line with the quality standards set by our project managers.


We provide galvanizing treatments, powder or liquid painting and duplex and triplex combinations. We can meet every kind of request. Thanks to the experience gained and the reciprocal collaboration with our suppliers, our company has started to provide pre-treatment procedures for surfaces to facilitate subsequent surface treatments, thus guaranteeing the highest quality in the finished product.


We carry out groupage and special transport services with curtain-sided and fully open and expandable vehicles, as well as special extendable and super-lowered cradle trailers.

Lifting is carried out by a wide range of vehicles with rear-cab cranes and mobile cranes with lifting capacities from 3 to 300 tons, extending up to 80 metres.